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Life Is Good. Life is Better with Dogs. TM

At NK9 Dog Training Academy we believe life is good. We also believe Dogs are a blessing that have great potential to make life even better--especially when they are well trained; and that's where we can help!


It can be stressful (sometimes dangerous) living with dog aggression, behavioral issues, leash pulling, puppy behavior, dog anxiety, or just lack of basic obedience. However, after establishing what you and your dog need, NK9 has the science based approach proven to produce results. Just check out some of our client reviews below!

But first, here's what to expect from NK9:


BOARD & TRAIN ~ Programs last 4-8wks, during which time your dog will be trained by our trainer, Angela. Not local? We have clients from all over the United States, so don't let location worry you! You will receive personal videos for every week of training, as well as 1:1 follow-up sessions designed to help you and your dog succeed (re: 4hr/4-8wk program). For extreme or complicated cases, or if you just want a little touch up, additional weeks are available at $1030wk once training has been begun or completed. 


HOURLY ~ For a period of two months minimum, this is your opportunity to work closely with a trainer on a weekly basis to understand your dog better and build effective communication with them. Our training foundation is based on relationship, communication, structure & boundaries, and meeting your dog's genetic needs so that they thrive! Training a dog isn't easy, but it's also not magic. Let us be your coach to understanding what you need to create better behavior in your dog! 


INVESTMENT & EQUIPMENT ~ Final rates for B&T and HOURLY training programs are decided individually based on your dog's needs. All payments must be made in advance of training and are non refundable. B&T reservations may be secured for a NON-refundable deposit amount of $500. Equipment training packages are also available, which include a cot bed, slip leash, bait bag, potential prong collar or ecollar per NK9's recommendation. Ask about equipment when you sign up!


NK9 utilizes a reward-based and balanced system, utilizing all four quadrants of learning theory: positive & negative reinforcement and positive & negative punishment. We prioritize relationship and building confidence in your dog, while having fun! But did you know there's a science to the timing of corrections and rate of rewards when you interact with your dog? Did you know that if you get this wrong, your dog might not learn what you're attempting to teach?

It's also worth acknowledging that not every dog is capable of everything we want from them. So it's important to understand the dog in front of you and to train them fairly. This means that not every breed is cut out for agility or advanced obedience, just like not every dog should be in protection or service dog work. Part of our job at NK9 is to accurately assess the capabilities of every dog/handler team and their training potential, and to make recommendations based on the suitability of each circumstance and the training needs at hand. We want what is best for you and your dog and honesty is our standard.

This is also why we like to start off with a training questionnaire and potentially an in person consultation prior to training! We want to be certain NK9 is the right fit for you and your dog.


In regard to aggression in particular, our goal in rehabilitating aggressive dogs is to have them learn to co-exist around other dogs & humans. Not every dog can be "pet-friendly" and we will give our assessment after training concerning our recommendations for your dog's interactions in public. 



ALL dogs must remain secure on a leash. No dogs are to be off leash unless directed to do so. Do not exit your vehicle or approach another human or dog, or allow your dog to approach another human or dog unless directed to do so (including your dog trainer). These are safety precautions.


We do NOT accept dogs who are pregnant, sick, coughing, have diarrhea, vomiting, or flees. ALL dogs and puppies must complete a stool check testing for parasites prior to training with NK9; in addition to repeat testing on a seasonal basis for long term clients.



Dustin & Sherri Skinner, IA

"Our mini Goldendoodle was incredibly leash reactive to other dogs before we worked with Angela. We tried watching YouTube videos and even had another trainer, but nothing seemed to work for us. My wife and I wanted to be very hands on with the training and Angela was incredibly accommodating. She gave us the skills we needed to be successful in accomplishing our training goals. We are so appreciative of the help she gave us and incredibly happy to have the wonderful dog we wanted. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great dog trainer."
Ranger, the lab
"Angela was absolutely amazing to work with. Our 2 year old lab, Ranger completed her board and train program (4 weeks). Our dog has some special medical needs and Angela went above and beyond to make sure he was comfortable and received his medicine everyday on time. Angela would send us updates everyday with progress and how our boy was doing. She was very responsive and reassuring as I was a nervous wreck leaving him for 4 weeks. Before the program, Ranger would bark loudly at people/ other dogs and pull very hard on the leash. We couldn’t even take him on walks or out of the house. Ranger would not follow commands. He was crated most of the time or in a playpen as we couldn’t do daily tasks. He was a very fearful dog. We let Angela know everything we wanted out of Ranger and she did just that. Ranger came home a whole new dog (in a good way). We were amazed by his progress. He can now walk loosely on a leash and we go on walks everyday. He can even go into Lowe’s without barking which would’ve never happened without this training program. Ranger is no longer fearful and will follow our commands. We were even able to completely get rid of his playpen.We 100% recommend Angela, she is the best!"

Jessica Lynch, IA

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