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K9 Bite Sports

Outside of training pet dogs, NK9 owner & head trainer, Angela, is extremely passionate about bitework and K9 sports. Protection sports are a wonderful testament to the control and obedience required in handling high caliber, working line breeds. Angela's Belgian Malinois (Nala) holds the title of PSA2 and is currently training in the 3's of PSA (Protections Sport Association). They have competed at the National level together and hope to show in the sport many more times.

Clients interested in sport work are welcome to inquire via email to set up a temperament assessment and learn more!

Bitework training

NK9 occasionally offers bitework training for the appropriate candidates. Although we all gravitate toward the idea of our dogs defending us should the occasion arise, very few breeds and dogs are suitable for the work.  Clients interested in this area are also welcome to inquire via email.

For any handler/dog team interested in protection sports or bitework, it must be understood that a higher level of commitment and vigilance is required to be considered for the afore mentioned programs.

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